Why 1 in 4 Class X Toppers Get Low Marks in Class XI? The Answer Might Shock You

A disappointing marksheet in 11th, for a topper in 10th board, can be mortifying. But what you need to tell yourself is that it is not the end of the world. You still have time to make things right. Stumbling on the way to our goals is not unusual. At times even our most arduous efforts may not amount to much. While there may be numerous reasons why a student scores low marks in class 11, let’s figure out the main reason behind it.

Reason Why You Scored Low Marks In Class 11

If you’re reading this, it means you’re quite serious about your recent marksheet and you’re looking for a way to get on top. The first and foremost thing to do now is to keep calm and not lose hope. It is time you evaluate your options and get to the root of the unsatisfactory result. 

Did you know that more than 35% of students believe that they chose the wrong subjects in Class 11 that have impacted their performance? The decision to pick a stream in Class 11 is often influenced by peers, teachers, the aspirations of parents, and a student’s notion of a pipe dream. And when you actually have to sit in the classroom and study the subjects that you only thought you were good at or interested in, gives you a hard reality check. 

So, it is the wrong subjects in class 11 that often pull you down and leads to different problems including confusion and low marks. But how do you know you’re stuck with the wrong subjects?

Signs That You Chose The Wrong Subjects In Class 11

While an unsatisfactory marksheet is the main outcome of dealing with the wrong subjects, there are other signs that can tell you to make the decision. See if you’re showing any of these signs:

1. Lack of concentration in class

Has it happened to you that you’ve attended multiple classes, sought help from your teachers and peers but still haven’t been able to focus your mind on the subject? When in the classroom, your mind keeps going blank, you keep checking the clock, and anything other than what your teacher seems rather fascinating. If this is the case then you’re stuck with a subject you’ve no interest in. 

2. Lagging behind in studies

Have you always been a good student but now your scores are taking a hit? Even after putting in a lot of effort into your studies, you seem to be lagging behind and your scores are dipping. This is a clear sign that you haven’t chosen subjects that are best fitted to your interest and aptitude. 

3. Books have become your enemies

Remember when learning was a fun process and books were tools of great discovery? If that is no longer the case, there is no reason to feel upset. However, you should understand that you are not the right fit for the course or the subject that you’re studying. 

What to do when you score low marks in class 11?

Now, if you actually find the above-given signs quite relatable to your situation, you are indeed suffering from an acute case of ‘stuck-with-the-wrong-subjects’ disease. But no worries, because we have just the cure for it. First, let’s figure out what are the next steps:

  • First of all, you will need to know if not the subjects that you are studying what does pique your interest
  • Which are the subjects that match your goals well?
  • Based on your skills aptitude and interest which subjects will best fit you
  • Once you’ve figured those out, go ahead and change your course to the right subjects 

Rules To Change Subjects In CBSE Board

  1. Change of subject(s) in class XI may be allowed by the Head of the School but not later than 31st October of that academic session.
  2. No candidate shall be permitted to change her subject of study after passing Class XI.
  3. The candidate shall not offer a subject in Class XII which she has not studied and passed in Class XI.
  4. Notwithstanding anything contained in the rule (2) and (3), CBSE Chairman shall have the powers to allow a change in subject(s) to avoid undue hardship to the candidate, provided such a request for change is made before 30th August.

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